The safest cleaning substance grows on a tree!

There are fifteen species of soapberries known worldwide and their type depends on the geographical range. The fruit of the soapberry tree is a berry, but since its rind hardens over time, it is popularly called the

"soap nut".

TianDe uses the fruits of soapberry (sapindus mukorossi) for their products.

It is named a "soap nut" due to its properties: it cleans grease and dirt and even foams due to the content of substances called "saponins"

(from Latin "Sapo" - soap)

Saponins are natural foam generators and alternative to surface-active agents (surfactants). Hoever, they have some fundamental differences from surfactants. Saponions are not harmful to health and completely decompose in the environment.

Washing-up products based on saponions -TianDe Soap Nut

  • Easily and completly washed away from dishes
  • When entered into the digestive tract are digested without health problems
  • Do not cause an alkaline reaction, do not irritate or dry the skin

Washing-up product based on surfactants

  • In order to wash off the washing-up product the plate must be rinsed about 100 times!
  • When entered into the digestive tract it has a toxic effect on the body
  • Can cause an alkaline reaction, accompanied by dryness and irritation of the skin

Composition of Ecosphere washing-up liquid

Soapberry fruit extract (saponions), Coco-glucoside, Lemon oil, Citric acid, Euxyl, Natural analogue of surfactants, Safe 100% biodegradable surfactants, Aromatizing and antiseptic agents, Natural preservative


lemon oil and citric acid - aromatizing and antiseptic preservatives


Coco-glucoside - a substance derived from the coconut oil with powerful moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and nutritional properties; belong to the class of safe, 100% biodegradable surfactants.


Euxyl (Phenoxyethanol and Ethylhexylglycerin) - an innovative preservative used as an ingredient of "green" cosmetic products. It has been developed specifically for delicate skin care products, providing the most powerful effect, while being harmless to the skin and the environment.

TianDe Soap Nut Washing-up liquid

You need only one TianDe product to clean your whole home without any smears!


It also can be used to wash off fruits and vegetables!


At the end of cleaning your hands are smooth, soft and don't require hand cream afterwards!






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