the  Bowen   technique

pain  relief

Bowen Therapy was devised by Thomas Ambrose Bowen

to help people suffering from muscular & skeletal problems.


Bowen Therapy is a holistic technique, painless and safe to use in all people

suffering from muscular-skeletal problems regardless of age.

It is suitable for everyone, from the tiniest of babies, to athletes and frailest of adults. 


The Bowen Technique does not rely on hard pressure, it is a very light touch therapy

and there is no twisting, bending or awkward repositioning of the client during the treatment. 

It is series of very gentle rolling type moves

made with the therapist’s fingers and thumbs over precise areas of the body.



The Bowen Technique helps stimulate the circulation of energy

around the points that stimulate and balance the body’s energy.

This then sends neural message to the brain and the brain immediately responds

and sends neural messages for muscle relaxation and pain reduction. 

This technique arouses the nervous system to communicate with the body

and the brain to regain energy in joints, muscles or even the blood.



The Bowen technique has also been successfully used to provide immediate and long lasting relief

from many chronic and acute conditions.


Common presenting problems:

back and neck pain, knee problems, sports injuries, RSI, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow and respiratory problems



chronic fatigue, hay fever, headache,

kidney problems and problems requiring lymphatic drainage

have responded favourably to Bowen Technique 


Some people use the Bowen Technique

as a means of stress management and health maintenance,

seeing their therapists regularly 2-4 times a year.




Why does it work?

The moves create reflex arcs. The knee jerk reaction is a reflex arc. When the tendon is struck by the hammer, impulses are sent to the nervous system and impulses are sent back to the muscle which then contracts. The arcs from the Bowen moves cause a relaxation and loosening rather than a contraction.


The loosening results in a number of postural shifts including the spine. This improves the function of the Central and Autonomic Nervous Systems.


The loosening also allows for better flow of water, blood, lymph, and meridians.





Why  am  I  writing  about  it ?


This is me in December 2018. 

We were all busy cleaning just before Christmas...


House after house ...

from top to bottom ...

each corner ...

all nooks and crannies ....


Sparkly freshly clean for Father Christmas ....






in a trance ...

like a machine ...

not thinking ...


on the floor ...

flat ...

on my back ....





nothing was helping me and I wasn't feeling better ...



thank you Agnieszka  ❤️