Sylwia Czernichowska working for you from everywhere
Sylwia Czernichowska working for you from everywhere

For You 

with attention to detail



My name is Sylwia and I’m the founder of Sweeping Beauty Home Cleaning in Ashford. 

In 2012, when I became a single mum of two, I decided to work for myself in hours when both of my children were at school. It wasn’t easy to find a job between 9am and 3pm. 

I printed few business cards and left them in the houses around my housing estate. 

I didn’t wait long... After two days I had the first phone call, then the next one, and another one....

One of my first customers was a doctor and he recommended me to other doctors.

Very soon I had so many customers, that I needed a helping hand... 

Since then, month after month, Sweeping Beauty Home Cleaning business has been growing bigger and bigger bringing from the recommendations more and more happy customers.     


We are here for you with attention to detail.